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One Step At A Time (OSAAT) is committed to the development of the most comprehensive and relevantrelevant professional and workplace skills and strategies in training today. Our goal is to promote curriculum and training designs that empower individuals in becoming more aware and self–reflective constituents of society. OSAAT constantly reviews programs nationwide to identify and incorporate the latest and up to date training techniques and ideas.

The following is a list of services offered by OSAAT.

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Cultural Competence Training

This highly engaging workshop creates awareness by developing strategies that can enhance individuals’ skills and confidence. The training outcomes are designed to assist participants in finding their personal power to change while understanding the significance of cultural differences.

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning workshops are designed to promote personal management skills. Participants will discuss the 5p’s of successful project development and maintenance.

Leadership Development

This workshop engages participants on an individual and group level. Through engaging discussion, theoretical approaches, and practical application, participants will enhance their leadership skills through self-reflection, self-development, and time management.

Conflict Resolution

These activity-driven workshops are designed to provide strategies related to handling conflicts in positive, non-aggressive ways. OSAAT also offers a 2 ½ day Train-the-Trainer model.

Communication Skills

Communication Skills workshops are designed for one or two hours and are conducted for staff, students, or parents/guardians. Key themes involve effectively utilizing active listening and non-verbal communication techniques.



Financial Education Training

Our comprehensive financial education training is designed to address the growing need to improve financial management skills. Our goal is to provide resources that create a strong foundation for economic stability and growth.


Mentoring Program

Mentor at-risk youth for six to eight weeks promoting positive values and leadership skills. OSAAT’s staff will co-facilitate at-risk student groups with one of the school’s mental health and/or counseling staff . At-Risk groups may focus on themes such as anger management, conflict resolution, communication, and/or social skills.



Anger Management

This workshop helps participants identify anger triggers and develop effective anger management techniques.

At OSAAT, we help you achieve your goals, by providing
high quality, value-added services, mentorship and training.


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